Web-Course Selections


Building Networks

Expand your success by expanding your networks! Polishing your presence through mastering the skills taught in our course modules and consultations will authentically enhance your relationship-building expertise.

Courses and Modules including soft skills will introduce and expand upon:

  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Participation Skills
  • Networking Skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-motivation Skills

Web Course Selections

Components may be chosen individually or in value modules of 3 or more


Building Blocks Of
Personal Image

Discover your main frame
How to Select core colours
Highlight features
Build lifestyle-wardrobe
Modify unique details


Back To Work Makeover And Details Of Professional Dress
**Individual Exclusive Module

Establish Goals Worksheet Balance time/life Outline Up-date hairstyle-colour/cut styles (submit photos/book 30 min. consult/view options) Select eyewear styles/shapes/colours Design a 10-piece wardrobe capsule-beginning with your closet! (figure analysis and style consult 45 minutes personal call) Take-Me-Shopping with your cell phone (try on and assess pieces before you purchase) 30 min visual contact. Q & A – ready set GO- live 45 min. consultation


From Graduation To Career
The Finishing Touches For Launch
3 Components

3-Part Module – includes Dress for the Interview with one on one communication. (30 min) Worksheet on goals and career direction. Component Lesson on the 5-Critical Elements to prepare before the job interview and tips on the follow-up


Dress For The Interview
Zoom Consult!!

Complete worksheet on your career choice and company details AND receive a follow-up questionnaire
Send 3 photos as prescribed
Receive a an outline of how to select JUST THE RIGHT clothing and accessories
** Recommended as an addition
A 30 minute Zoom Call Image Consult.


Skills For Effective Communication And Presentations

Language skills/grammar/enunciation
Verbal vs. Non verbal communication
Networking tips
E-mail and Texting rules for Professionals
Social introduction formulae
Presentation Dynamics


Skills That Get You Noticed For Promotion And Advancement
2 Components

Dress for the Job you WANT—here’s how—send 3 photos for assessment
Fill out the worksheet with details
Access the Component, The 6 “Soft Skills” critical in professional team work
As well as the component on the finer details of communication and etiquette for the workplace.

860 -1

Socializing Skills For Professional Events And Personal Effectiveness

Independent Module – private study guide
Discover the lost arts of:
Making introductions
Directing conversations
Effective listening skills
Casting a spotlight to expand interaction
Creating a repertoire of ACCEPTABLE social topics and information
English Grammar Skills -10 top Tips


Great Looks For New Moms
—Ideas That Work

Start with a quick worksheet about you! Includes current figure analysis You’ll learn how to tell if “that” is your colour or NOT– simple tips that make a difference You will submit photos of you in 3 outfits and receive a “what works best” written assessment. You will get your own shopping list for one complete outfit along with a review and recommendation after sending along a photo of YOU—looking great! Optional Live-Consultation for your “Wow” support.


Families On The Go
Nutrition Planning And Sourcing
Includes Live-consultation

Worksheet on Family Activities and Schedules
Special dietary needs, preferences, avoidances
Health information I call Nutrition 101 to outline basis for selection and planning. I take complex information and just distill it down into easily understood key components about what to eat, when and why. Then we can work out YOUR plan together.


Your Map To Physical And
Mental Energy

Learn how to boost brain fitness
Discover tools for increasing self- esteem
Build a nutrition base to lose fat and keep muscle—leading to weight management / attractive body physique
Tips on eating for energy & health (eliminate cravings)
10-at home Easy Body Fit Moves
Key strategies for rejuvenation & healthy aging
Includes a 30 minute consultation for Q & A’s.


Muting Stress For Increased Health And Productivity

Learn the 3 Stages of the Stress-Health Link
Investigate and adopt POWER coping skills