Camille Lawson

I LOVE Eve Harding ! She always teaches me a way to do, look or be a better me – Eve gives very useful, relevant and good advice that works!

I have known Eve for 6 years as a business partner who turned into a friend because of her warm, caring ways and great sense of humour! In business, she prepares thoroughly and is an accomplished speaker and trainer – large or intimate groups. Eve has extensive knowledge about many subjects (nutrition to look great is one!) but all include people skills extraordinaire!


Jaye Graham

Eve- Resourceful, Dependable, Witty, Nurturing, Creative, Supportive, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Committed, A Terrific Speaker, A Talented “Dress Me”-Advisor! Keen Social Acuity.


Lori M.

"Eve….caring, creative, loving and inspirational…just a few words to describe this woman. I have known Eve for many years. She is an awesome educator and knows her stuff through careful research and personal experience. She finds something good in everything. She is very caring and always wanting to help. I would recommend Eve as your Image Consultant and Wellness Coach as she really is truly committed to your best interests.“


Sharon Leveille

"It is terrific working with Eve Harding, founder of Your Polished Presence. She is a talented speaker, dedicated educator, dress-me-just-right consultant and knowledgeable coach in nutritional re-balancing. She truly breathes confidence into each member of her audience.  She has taken her focus on teaching beyond the classroom to expand the reach of her powerful inspiration. Eve really believes that there is nothing you can’t learn!  One of her favorite reminders is “Success = Confidence through Knowledge.”


Robert Murray

"Eve is a passionate woman with a big heart and a sense of kindness that is rare in most. I had the pleasure to work with Eve for a couple of years and she never ceased to amaze me when it came to her care for her clients and ensuring that everyone got the most value they could from working with her.

Eve, you are a delight!"


Donna Rawbone

"I have had the pleasure of taking part in a presentation by Eve Harding, a very dynamic speaker who raises self-esteem through knowledge and awareness. She teaches women how to feel and look their best in order to achieve success and even more importantly, inner self-confidence! Eve has a wonderful way of using humour, reflection, visual display, interactive questioning and “engaging” personality with her presentation.


Jody Lipke

As a former dietitian of 15 years, I am qualified to say that the cutting-edge nutrition technology that Eve incorporates into her options/selections - is brilliantly formulated to support the energy and protein needs of not only the average person but also of athletes.

Eve is a committed coach and shares her well-researched knowledge of nutrition with excellent guidance. It is a superb rebalancing system. It truly is our “secret weapon”.



Meet Jessy

Learn why it’s important to educate Children about the affect of food choices on their body, their spirit, and their performance…

Meet Jessy Lipke, (daughter of my testimonial from Jody Lipke) Founder of The Power Girl Fitness Revolution. At the young age of 10, after seeing many of her friends at school and in the “dance world” struggle with their weight issues and resultant poor self-images, Jessy had the vision to “Change The Way Girls All Over The World Take Care Of Their Bodies, By Changing How They Think About Themselves, How They Eat and Exercise, So They Can Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones And Achieve Their Full Potential.”


 Victoria Budd

There was any instant connection the first time I met Eve!! She has such warm charm and humour about her that just draws you in!!

Over the years I've had the pleasure building a relationship with Eve and come to deeply respect her vast knowledge on many aspects from nutrition and dressing to feel your best to mentoring and training at a professional level.

I am grateful to have met Eve ❤


 Beth Campbell

"Eve Harding was an engaging presenter at our October, Guelph Wellington Retired Teachers’ Luncheon. She provided us with information on how to dress and look great to suit our individual shapes and sizes.

Eve is a very sincere speaker, who shows (oozes) great enthusiasm for her audience and relates many interesting stories and humorous anecdotes to hold her audience’s attention and get her point across. Everyone’s self-esteem was improved by listening to her informative presentation. She even inspired many of us to go home and clean out our closets!

I would highly recommend Eve as a speaker to any group looking for a knowledgeable, ‘edutainer’."


Sue Breadner

"I have known Eve Harding for many years. She is a fun, caring and sincere lady. As a public speaker, she is educating and entertaining…. knowledgeable and engaging.

I trust her integrity and I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to power up her look, achieve greater health and experience more self-confidence."


John G Starzynski

"Eve has been the perfect weight-loss coach. She is supportive and encouraging. She knows nutritional products inside and out making her able to recommend precisely what is needed. She is a great teacher who explains what the program is, how it works and the expected outcomes. She is so easy to learn from. With a new shape, she expertly advises on a “polished look” and easy clothing combinations!

On top of all that, she is a wonderful person. She is concerned about your needs. She laughs, hugs and gives you that million-dollar smile when you need encouragement."



Lynn Hayes-Cardinal

"For the past several years as my nutrition consultant, Eve has provided me with a wealth of helpful hints, nutritional advice and expert guidance within the program. She has been both encouraging to me and empowers me when I needed it most! Her conscientious expertise is much appreciated!"